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Do you think that it's OK to bully people for having "mental disorders"?

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Internet penetration county Northeast Georgia
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Nikolkis 13.04.2018
sounds like the hospital was the right place, he had sustained injuries.
Masho 20.04.2018
What would happen if the social media had a clear double standard. What if that was evident? Take them to task or just ignore?
Najinn 29.04.2018
I thin? that that?s probably quite correct. I don?t think he ever foresaw the horrors that he would unleash.
Tazragore 09.05.2018
I'm doing good. Do you like the tread.
Tumuro 12.05.2018
Gardalkree 22.05.2018
Look at yet another fanboi that isn't showing an inflection point. None of them can, not a one.
Misida 27.05.2018
Good question. Of course, there isn't one answer that fits all. But it certainly isn't because he shares their devotion to Jesus. He doesn't. With apologies for overgeneralizing, I would say for many it is that he gives voice to their sense of cultural grievance over the loss of white conservative dominance in this country and the ascendancy of liberal multiculturalism.
Shajin 29.05.2018
Instead of killing on sight - how about using reasoned arguments that can be fact checked to support any wrongs?
Nehn 02.06.2018
Nor should they when you troll a discussion like this.
Mole 08.06.2018
Plus he lost the popular vote.

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