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What I wish will happen... The dem wins, the gop files bankrupcty, the dem gets $1...

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Ebony pornstar blue
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Meshakar 07.03.2018
And here's the real one I got Monday
Mazular 10.03.2018
I posted the article. You have yet to post a link debunking it.
Kagagami 18.03.2018
Mike banned,and i'm fiddling with Charlize's little canoe as i type too.????.Cheers,will have a perve.??
Nakus 25.03.2018
Of you go. If you can't back up your claims, just sit in the corner and watch the adults converse.
Kishakar 28.03.2018
I'm sure, given you're inability to answer the question asked, you would know all about being a "doofus". However, your "doofus" reply didn't answer the question asked. Perhaps, you should consider take your "doofus" commenting self and your more than apparent trolling elsewhere as it's clearly failing here.
Basho 05.04.2018
What they protected was the Constitution, not a song and that gives them the right to peacefully protest. There's nothing more patriotic than exercising the rights granted to you and forced patriotism is fascism.
Kelmaran 09.04.2018
Didn't God tell you to submit to government?
Bralar 13.04.2018
See - they had illegal immigration problems ever since a long time ago.

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