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and also, a lot of it happens online as you say my friend, guess what? All over social media, people constantly at every turn, when complaining about this abuse and bullying, we get told the same two words, "I'm sorry", they don't do enough, in some areas, the most vile elements of bullying, racism or violence left on view for days, for days, shared so many times, nothing done about it.

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Nudist People Pages
Nudist People Pages
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Mijinn 21.05.2018
Not my life you didnt. Beimg a cop or a soldier isnt some magical thing where everyone will grovel at your feet, sorry
Kazigal 21.05.2018
And yet they underrate Stangs. . . I feel ya there. . . Your messing with my Dodge enthusiasm!
Maujind 29.05.2018
Thanks, you're right. Good 'lookin' out' .
Kakora 08.06.2018
They may be tired of all the sex threads ??????
Mikakus 17.06.2018
Ur always on point.????????
Kigagis 19.06.2018
Science says there must be cause and effect. Not me
JoJojin 27.06.2018
"The information is not false - the car had one careful owner. Not publishing that it had 10 who drove it like they stole it, is just an omission."
Tolar 04.07.2018
Ohhhh James, you did me dirty I should have won with my emoji one
Zolozahn 05.07.2018
when a rightie copy and pastes some text and NO LINK, they are for sure hiding something.
Juhn 13.07.2018
Drumpf has not endorsed anyone in that primary.

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