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G-Queen Konoha & Yui Couleur #2

Tommy, crying, knew what he had to do. He reached up his young brother's dead asshole and pulled out a hand full of his brothers shit. "I love you brother!" Tommy screamed as he swallowed his dead brothers shit and died. THE END. Very good, right.

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Anything can become an obsession. Faith itself is not an obsession but can become one.

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Masturbates with a twist
Masturbates with a twist
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Mikahn 09.03.2018
I have faith that if there is a God, that this God is the loving manager of a friendly universe, not the not the sadistic being that is taught by Abrahamic Religions.
Gusida 10.03.2018
A contractual obligation to provide a custom designed cake is a choice. Selling a cake you baked is not.
Tok 16.03.2018
If what you say is true, and if it's not being pursued in public schools, then yes, that's a problem. But that doesn't mean it's wrong to pursue the question with regard to the Church.
Domi 19.03.2018
Your comments are brain-dead and classless.
Shakabei 21.03.2018
This Gif, funny

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