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True, so I guess your advice to all politicians is don't participate in criminal activity. Easy enough, wouldn't you say? We all know what's right and wrong, especially guys like Trump, who has many lawyers around him all the time advising him of the law.

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Togami 31.03.2018
I am not familiar with the details of the Arkansas matter, I am explaining why the 10 Commandments is found in the art work of so many court houses. Presented in an historical context, often with symbols or images related to Roman law, or French civil law or something. Some have mythological images incorporated in their art. As for why Hammurabi was not included, perhaps the artist had never heard of him.
Maurg 06.04.2018
Fortunately, McNasty isn't the Pope.
Shakacage 13.04.2018
100 times the abuse by priests. If this were true it would be apparent and there would be a lot of teachers in jail.
Magar 16.04.2018
The reasons are really irrelevant.
Dorr 25.04.2018
What does it say on the flag those people are holding the photo above, Teddy??
Zoloktilar 06.05.2018
took me a while to figure it out... it's a car park for a Formula E car?
Tojalar 15.05.2018
Good thing the Democrats do not have one person that can pass one which will now be the new normal vetting of candidates.

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