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Im not too concerned about the excuse. Im more concerned about what both sides are requesting.

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Haynes string bikini 4 package discontinued
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Kezil 14.03.2018
Why didn't you TRY to rebut my post that CAPITALISM must pay the cost of socialism! Capitalism is the private sector, where goods are made, products are produced and services are bought. Socialism is GIVERMENT spending. Money taken from productive members in the PRIVATE sector, and redistributed to non productive members !
Zolobar 21.03.2018
lol - Another TDS story that will result in Trump and the GOP getting thousands more votes...
Nimi 28.03.2018
I have no problem with unions, but the government has a 20 trillion debt, 20 trillion! let that sink in!
Kazizilkree 02.04.2018
From primordial soup to mud:

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