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What about when people are going through a list of things? "Item 1 on the list..." etc??

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Vigal 12.07.2018
What did you get
Jukus 18.07.2018
I am close friends with a kiwi family, dairy farmers and that's what the Mum Raewyn always says to me, ohhhh whatevs
Duhn 21.07.2018
??????...pre game jitters got me wack ??????
Daitaur 30.07.2018
The 2002 norms has done A LOT to correct the issues revealed in this report. But as a Catholic, I believe the Pope needs to appoint a Papal Legate. Not a Nuncio, but a Legate. Someone who is empowered to act IMMEDIATELY in place of the Pope when allegations against a bishop are found credible.
Goll 04.08.2018
"helped authorize $420,000 in payments to Cohen"
Fenrikazahn 05.08.2018
Please tell me it?s not a long beard all scruffy!??
Tubar 11.08.2018
The bits on forced servitude of foreigners was to bring them into covenant. If they did that, it was a mere seven years of paid servitude (double) at the end..freedom too. Indentured servitude was employment for the poorest of people.
Kazikus 13.08.2018
Love that. Have any pics of your wonderful Auburn hair available?

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