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Nijin 31.07.2018
I can confirm Kool-aid exist here. I cant confirm hell or heaven exists after this life.
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Exactly so don't skimp on the emojis bruh!
Shakalmaran 13.08.2018
"If there is an overall change, it has a definite direction".
Dagar 22.08.2018
Gardner is hopeless, and just repeating yell radio talking points for the plebs. We are wasting our breath. Our next door neighbor Canada has both lower corporate and personal income taxes so the experiment has been done by them and many others. Let's wait for Bob to come back with not wanting to wait in a line for his medical care.
Kagashicage 26.08.2018
Yes teaching science instead of lying about fairy tales being true.
Gardakora 03.09.2018
yes they are. I think you suffer from pride, thinking that you are somehow more spiritual than others. You aren't.
Mikajin 04.09.2018
I haven't "fallen" for anything.
Meztigul 07.09.2018
Very true. The main thing that we disagree on is Jesus Christ. But I don't like religion, don't worship a book, don't listen to sermons or tithe. We have much in common.

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