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"Most people don't mind working their butts off if they are compensated fairly" - another part of being an adult is not working at a job that doesn't pay you enough. And if no body is willing to pay you enough, learn a skill that makes you marketable. Stop demanding the government force people to pay you more than you are worth, like a child.

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Kijar 14.03.2018
I absolutely respect and admire NDT. He is one of the smartest men of at least the last couple of centuries. But I have to say I wish he would stick to the science. His attitude about the spiritual is a real turn off.
Shagul 22.03.2018
you just dispute that he says what he says... LOL i dont blame you tho.
Sazragore 30.03.2018
Lol... did you like it? Was it fun for you?
Muzshura 05.04.2018
I'm just asking you some questions... Are you afraid to answer them? We're here to discuss things, you don't want to discuss?
Kagajin 07.04.2018
Oh dear oh dear oh dear ... they have clearly run out of ideas and are now asking their fellow swampers to come up with something,
Kagrel 17.04.2018
Stop littering the race track !

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