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Please stop conflating criticism of your religious beliefs with personal attacks. Your epistemology is fair game for criticism.

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Narrow short naked black girls
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anything else u would like to know
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1 year?! Wtf? That?s it?
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Good day to be angry? ??????
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That is debatable.
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The markets would have risen regardless. They sure were under Obama
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Another wishful idea from the left.
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I was too. You're cute.
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Deut. 21:13-21 does not prescribe punishment simply because the woman was not a virgin per se, but for rebelling against her parents by being promiscuous ?while still in her father?s house.? We can argue that in today?s world such an offense, as serious as it is, does not deserve the death penalty. However, the Scriptures are speaking to a community where life was brutal. Those who committed such offenses challenged the leaders of the community, including God, husbands and parents. Due to this audacity and disrespect, strict laws were established so as to preserve tribal unity and avoid undermining Israel?s holiness.
Vur 18.09.2018
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