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Celeste Star pickpocket
Celeste Star pickpocket
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Well, it isn?t true, and is a talking point generally used by WS people.
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Listen here ...
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Opinion is not libel.
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Yes, I'm clearly the topic... because "Hud rules".
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Ahh the Pee Wee Herman defense.
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Feather ruffling might turn this into a completely different thread, and if someone brings out the chicken, I'm getting Gonzo.
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Yes, and there is plenty of evidence. Even a child can see things come from other things, including living things. Even a child can marvel at the stars.
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Again, I never said it doesn't mind. That is your inability to read because you have your eyes blocked by whatever animal you are "abusing".
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Lol! You know you wasn?t looking at the hair! Stop peeping!??????
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