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Actually, I guess it depends on how one defines 'argument'. I prefer the term 'debate' in which propositions are put forward and challenged and defended with well presented logical arguments. I don't like 'argument' in the confrontational sense of verbal fighting. I like it when both parties put forward good arguments for and against the proposition and both benefit from the debate, even though it might get quite 'robust' at times :-).

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Shaktigul 11.03.2018
What you believe is up to you but that was not the point. You were dismissing the whole Bible as mythology when it is a collection of 66 books from a number of different authors using a variety of literary genres and written over a time span of many centuries. Your dismissal of God is a separate issue.
Akinokasa 20.03.2018
What do you think the Supreme Court does, exactly, other than interpret the Constitution? There is no right that is 'higher' than any other. Everyone has the same rights under the law. That's the whole point, really. You cannot use your rights to deny someone else theirs. That you don't understand the law does not invalidate it.
Tygot 30.03.2018
I want to talk to you outside of this OP. If you wish to, let me know and I will give you my addy. Not for any other reason than to let you vent and to possibly give you a bit of advice from somebody who has already been through the wringer with young kids and divorce.
Kashakar 01.04.2018
well, we need
JoJokinos 04.04.2018
It's really disgusting what these priests have done. They are no different than job-makers in Hollywood.

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