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So you CAN'T name any left-oriented association that gets better attendance numbers. Got it, thanks.

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Maslin beach nude contest
Maslin beach nude contest
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Kazibar 08.03.2018
My questions get marked as spam in DD as I recall. I will forbear.
Kazrakinos 16.03.2018
You mean a Trump supporter who will hide everything under the table.It is not Billions it?s millions, so tighten your jock strap and go with the program. Trump by the way is toast....that will make your day????.
Arashikree 22.03.2018
The facts are Trump's actions and comments. These representing obstruction will by definition only be opinions (though coming from highly reputable attorneys) until there is a Court ruling.
Mazukora 28.03.2018
Who doesn?t get a tax return until the Trump debt is paid off?
Tagore 02.04.2018
And what would they be? We'll set the provocative insult aside for now.
Fenos 08.04.2018
I think we can indeed see reflections of this in any social or community-minded organization. Humans like to congregate, to socialize. We're herd animals who don't (typically) do well in isolation. Or if you prefer, humans like to gather in tribes, and we have an ever-expanding set of criteria as to what similarities create a tribe.
Negami 15.04.2018
McCain was not a perfect man. It's tempting to idolize him for his strong stance against Trump and the far right. But it's also true that he himself helped to perpetrate his fair share of evil. But if there's one person who I would believe genuinely did it because he thought it was right, rather than for political convenience or personal gain, it would be John McCain. And for that he has my respect. Rest in peace.
Vull 25.04.2018
So let me get this straight. It's your contention that EVERY candidate in modern history has violated campaign finance laws.
Aralabar 02.05.2018
I won't say always got that but thanks Dancy, you're super yourself. I always enjoy reading your comments. Your sense of humor rocks and as you said, that you're down to earth. I feel you are and I like that. :-)

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