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Trying to use the fact that different observers may give different accounts of the same accident, which they did not expect to see, and compare it to something that is commonplace, that they see every day, is disingenuous at the very best, and dishonest at worst.

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Kara 22.03.2018
Doesn't it? Did you read the scripture?
Dilkree 31.03.2018
I just remembered everyone freaked out over it
Fenrigore 02.04.2018
As I said....using the accepted definitions:
Mikarg 11.04.2018
What specifically are you disputing about their claims?
Dourr 15.04.2018
It was my turn to scout the new hunting lot my buddy?s dad had... Of course I was on my high horse and was gonna staybout overnight. It wasn?t that cold yet. F? me right? ??????
Dam 20.04.2018
i feel like crying my eyes out
Mezigore 24.04.2018
I screen shotted my profile, and also the other spanners profile to show them
Junris 30.04.2018
For those citing stem cells as their evidence that "religion" hinders are misrepresenting the issue.
Tojas 09.05.2018
Ok, so you think he likely broke campaign finance law, but you just don?t know for certain?
Zulkicage 19.05.2018
As in, am I violent with others because I hit a punching bag?

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