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This is the worst Haiku ever.

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Forced sex interracial wife
Forced sex interracial wife
Forced sex interracial wife
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And you still continue to insist what your links do not say.
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Straight men engage in homosexual acts quite a lot, especially when the options for partners limit their choices. We see it plenty in prisons, in the military, and in churches.
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Yeah, but I was responding to your challenge about naming a successful socialist country. It sounded kind of cocky.
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Are you saying that humans may one day live not only on a star, but one besides the Earth's sun?!?!?!
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A follower of Christ is a Christian. You are one flavor of Christian.
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Only because you've hinged your faith on the idea that Jesus rose from the dead in bodily form. Someone in your past taught this as a dealbreaker, and you bought into it.
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How about a thank you to veterans? Ever think of that? Or are are you stuck in your own little world?
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In due time young lady.

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