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I see you've a phobia of science. Yet you use a scientific computer. A marvel of science.

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syokubasex 0543 video Couple
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JoJom 10.03.2018
Yeah, I did. Not my fault you aren't smart enough to get it.
Mizahn 13.03.2018
a) You do not need to avoid anything.... if you want a divorce, you should get it.
Tubei 20.03.2018
I think it's more than that for monkeys.
Fenrisar 26.03.2018
The fact that you even brought up U.S. v. Lustyik shows just how desperate you are to believe in this "Obstruction of Justice" nonsense of yours. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Vojind 01.04.2018
I understand that quite a few folks who identify as Judeo/Christians do take the Bible literally, born out of a long tradition of doing that predating science, but of course that is not a reasonable way to interpret this obviously metaphorical material, as you know. But why do non religious folks read this material as if it is literal stuff? For example you hear atheist folks ripping the "God" of the Bible, and Jews, for killing myriads of folks. However, as a matter of historical record, nothing like actually happened. To the extent anything like that did happen, it has to be a metaphor for a non-literal spiritual meaning. Right?
Gardar 08.04.2018
Sir Tainley has pointed out that it's his opinion that you're right and I'm wrong. In as much as you were pointing out the multiple meanings and not justifying slavery. In rereading the OP I see that's what you were doing so I should probably keep my powder dry for another day....
Moogujar 15.04.2018
Maybe if I speak slower?
JoJotilar 19.04.2018
It depends on your perception, people call Him different names but the general one (in English) is God. Believe me, nothing existed out of nothing...
Metilar 28.04.2018
Maybe a Marvel vs DC thread down the road. ;)

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