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I understand that while the preponderance of mainstream, peer-reviewed climatologists are bothered by global warming, you are not.

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Nebraska dwarf Football League
Nebraska dwarf Football League
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Mikakinos 10.04.2018
Uh huh. And you can cite actual evidence of
Tanris 19.04.2018
No, it should be
Bralkis 27.04.2018
It?s absolutely what happened. Steele went to Russia and paid Russians for info. The exact same thing that is alleged of trump. The Russian at the trump tower meeting btw is also on the payroll of Glenn Simpson, the guy who hired Steele. Feinstein released Glenn simpsons testimony you can read it straight from his mouth.
Kajiktilar 27.04.2018
Haha yeah. There?s probably a Star Wars Church our there somewhere. Just what some people do.
Goltijar 03.05.2018
Not similar in any respect at all. More likely that your great great uncle robbed mine in a card game, and now you want to take my car because your great great uncle got cheated.
Goltishura 11.05.2018
Might get your blue dress muddy??
Kagakasa 13.05.2018
In 42 we trust.
Yozshukinos 19.05.2018
Our founding fathers were brilliant. ANY citizen can be President. Moral, immoral, rich, poor, smart, stupid, somewhere in the middle and we have had them all. From successful immorals like Jefferson, JFK, Clinton, Trump, Franklin or morals like Washington, Truman, Carter, Lincoln; smart like Wilson, Trump, Clinton, Madison, Monroe, vacuous like Bush 2, Obama, Adams-both, Lyndon again, or so so mid-mentals like Truman Nixon, Carter, or absolute pigs like Polk, Cleveland, or just average like the generals Ike, Grant and Jackson...even you or I. The Fathers recognized that man is flawed, (readings of Federalist Papers) and the three tiers of government are there to resolve issues in all three branches. The idea of Presidential perfection is a recent myth to attack the other party leader.
Shaktibei 29.05.2018
I?ve been to hot springs a few times. Well as a child/teen. We liked to camp there and my parents would go to a spa or something...I dunno.
Mezuru 01.06.2018
When right-wing trolls found Ms. Tibbett's Twitter account, they posted the link to show she was a liberal. One commenter posted that they were glad someone "worthwhile" had not been murdered. SMH.

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