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My life is on the line, here, along with the lives of many of my family members and friends. We're all just waiting for the next lynch mob, while Christians sit around pointing and laughing, as if this were a joke or a game or something.

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Nizshura 12.05.2018
Ma main man ????????????
Nitaxe 18.05.2018
y7a and medicare NOW has 60 BILLION a year in fraud and is a mess...and fyi they pay so LITTLE to doctors and hospitals that it would not work without massive increase in rates....and its cost is a disaster now...
Meztilmaran 26.05.2018
As it is the one which refers to religious faith, and as that is the subject of the discussion, why would I use another definition?
Kezilkree 04.06.2018
How was your day today
Samulabar 13.06.2018
Ride day with Courtney?
Teshicage 19.06.2018
?????? then ?????? then ??????
Shakalmaran 30.06.2018
Looks like Roly has been celebrating, ah well they did a good job, good on him...
Dogul 10.07.2018
Good! That's the entire point, right?!?
Kazrarisar 11.07.2018
I'm not the one believing a racist regime bent on genocide.
Taushicage 11.07.2018
It just might, one way to find out

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