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I don't believe in evolution I accept the scientific evidence and the conclusion derived from evidence. Why? Because I did pay attention is high biology and I understand the theory of evolution and the fact of it occurring. When I do have questions I go ask experts in the subject not my doctor or chemist. I don't have faith (I don't use that word) but I do accept The ToE up to the point I can understand. I proportion my beliefs equal to the evidence not more than the evidence to steal from Hume.

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Kathy Barry trio in a hot bath groups
Kathy Barry trio in a hot bath groups
Kathy Barry trio in a hot bath groups
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Malataur 26.03.2018
really? definitions? LOL You realize if you look up "Atheist" in dictionary 50 years ago, it's different than now because of Atheist lobbying? Definition means nothing. Logic, historical evidence and common sense is what matters.
Shanos 28.03.2018
Do not tell my wife!!
Tauran 01.04.2018
And Townhall and Fox and Breitbart.
Mikagore 08.04.2018
So many little time ??????
Milar 15.04.2018
In 1842, paleontologist Richard Owen coined the term dinosaur, derived from the Greek deinos, meaning "terrible" or "fearfully great," and sauros, meaning "lizard" or reptile."

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