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My problem with religious faiths is there is no truth in any of them and nothing positive about any of them existing in our society.

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Beautiful naked girl solo
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Mazukinos 03.04.2018
Nice moves ??
Aragore 14.04.2018
Ah, so servitude. She might not have a husband. Might have a wife. Might stay single. Besides. Politics and/or religion is kind of a "No go" on these threads. ;). I'm sure you'll find an appropriate one and/or an appropriate person for the kind of discussion you seem to want to have.
Gardagal 19.04.2018
Well, Herc *was* played by Kevin Sorbo, who's gone full fundagelical wingnut...
Grom 21.04.2018
??I identify as Judge Judy and you call me a male.??
Arashirisar 26.04.2018
If her family did care about her they would do what was necessary to prevent other girls from dying the same way.
Kazrakinos 01.05.2018
There must be a reason you care about how you live your life. If you notice, most people consider
Mikakinos 11.05.2018
I was there in October & you could cut the air with a knife because of the humidity...

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