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There is a distinction between the modern understanding of slavery (which was indeed practiced by most ancient cultures) and the Biblical concept.

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Faull 17.03.2018
Not in our universe, perhaps.
Arashijar 22.03.2018
now that I believe... the prettiest one of all... just ask him.
Faeshicage 01.04.2018
I hope you don?t turn anti Christianity and anti Jesus! Just pray about it Bella! I?ll be back in a few my new puppy has to go outside.
Juzragore 06.04.2018
No problem. Let us see. God is Holy because He has an undivided attention just on us as His Children. So His Wife and Mother of their Chidren obviously will have to be of the same standard. Holy because She has nothing that is diverted Her attention from their Children. Meaning definitaly no children of her own. And also no family and friends and even a nation. Totally separated from the human beings.
Mum 10.04.2018
You made a claim to knowledge you don't have, nothing to do with "subconscious learning" and a lot to do with your honesty and empty conceit.
Tuzahn 20.04.2018
See, there ya go!!
Samutaxe 29.04.2018
My biggest problem lately is time. There's not enough of it.

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