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Empathy and compromise most of the time and giving each other space at other times.

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Watch his friend fuck his wife
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Gokora 24.03.2018
I?m dead ??
Brakinos 28.03.2018
Just something about people bringing children into the world and then being required by law send them to a government-sponsored institution of indoctrination.... What a recipe for disaster that we're JUST beginning to see the realities of.....
Arajinn 02.04.2018
Always keep your powder dry.
Maubar 03.04.2018
What I am saying is that innovation comes from many sources. Many times it takes huge expensive projects to make breakthroughs, which are usually funded by government agencies.
Gardataxe 06.04.2018
No, I'm equating "nothing" with "nothing".
Faenos 08.04.2018
no need... just too tough to work the land... nature isn't always kind.
Samukasa 10.04.2018
Ok, and going all the way back to Whitewater, up to Benghazi, all investigated ( Benghazi took 3 years, cost 7 millio0n, and found ZIP NADA
Zolozil 20.04.2018
Try killing a baby and see where that gets you.
Kirg 21.04.2018
Im sorry, I didn't know that "whataboutism" was one of your moral standards.
Gutaxe 25.04.2018
John 3:16 makes no sense whatever when it is considered that the very person who claims that he will "save" us, is exactly the same person who created the need to be saved to begin with.

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