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You mean there's more than me???
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I think some people see any criticism of Trump as TDS.
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Really? You can't figure that out?
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Yeah I saw. I don?t really know what other games she can play honestly Which is why I didn?t comment.
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You asked for my reasoning. I gave it. I have examined the prophesies and see them being fulfilled in our lifetimes.
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You can make it ????????????
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I'm actually friends with him now. It was just a simple miscommunication. I just don't want to make that mistake again because someone else may not be as forgiving.
Doujora 01.05.2018
What many do not know is that God brought all kinds of animals to Adam to name them.
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Who would even sleep with this gross pig? ????????
Tazuru 16.05.2018
It's her personal responsibility to decide what she wants done with her body. Next.

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