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Faith in the religious context is having a strong belief in something without proof. I had for fifteen years a strong belief that Jesus was my Savior. I no longer believe this to be true, nor do I believe that there is any compelling evidence of the existence of any god nor that Jesus was divine.

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Orgo kurlenyko nude photos
Orgo kurlenyko nude photos
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Motaxe 22.08.2018
The one questioning the claim has made his own claims...
Groshura 31.08.2018
I don't see 'thousands' of *contemporary* texts that corroborate ANYTHING 'biblical'.
Gasho 08.09.2018
Stuffed crust is the most. I actually want to eat the crust when it's like that.
Jum 18.09.2018
I never claimed that at all. Now you are just demonstrating that illiteracy issue you have that I noted earlier! LMFAO!
Samubar 25.09.2018
"They're Muslim, but they're not practicing Islam."
Faulkis 05.10.2018
Really cool. Does she hang around on this channel.
Vorg 11.10.2018
Einstein rejected the virgin birth.
Bragore 17.10.2018
Utterly, totally wrong.
Kim 24.10.2018
He sure works in mysterious ways, eh!

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