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Yes, when we're talking about DnD, Lord of the Rings, perhaps, and other fantasy plots, but I'm talking about real life. Don't tell me what something is, show me or I don't have to believe you.

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Nudist family family
Nudist family family
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Yozshushicage 25.05.2018
That only means Trump collaborated with the "B-team", not that he's innocent.
Dojinn 27.05.2018
Look! He posted a picture of himself with the football players!
Akinogor 05.06.2018
No, I'm saying that it isn't up to you to judge if he or anyone else is obeying or following a proper interpretation of Christian values. I think it's incredible hubris to assume that you have a better interpretation of the words of a god than someone else.
Kazrar 09.06.2018
I am not familiar with her
Kagarr 13.06.2018
No problem unless you start discussing the concept of transcendent God which is beyond your pagan comprehension. Discuss Santa instead.
Tulkis 21.06.2018
Or we could set up a meet in Vegas. That way, everyone who showed up would be drunk.
Mozshura 23.06.2018
Oh cripes that was a good heart starter...:-)))))))
Zulujar 27.06.2018
As I understand it, this is not a church
Mokinos 06.07.2018
Short term lease for da win ??????

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