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"How many posters here have posited that life came from inorganics?"

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Hot Asian beauty in bed
Hot Asian beauty in bed
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Leftists are the ones who are convinced fascists and white supremacists are taking over the country and planet. Communism and/or socialism stills kills and causes misery to this date.
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"Some people feel that the sex they were assigned at birth doesn?t match their gender identity, or the gender that they feel they are inside. These people are often called transgender."
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I thought I did. Yikes your hair is on fire!
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Killing human life is the topic.
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Provide 'context' for when it's allowable, or even NOT reprehensible, to abuse young for one's own aggrandizement?
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I'd be lucky either way
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Sorry for your frustrations. Really, just a personal comment without any goal - I can relate, at least to some extent. I've kind of had the opposite extreme - an unfairly easy life, but I certainly know the sense of "Oh, this is ridiculous, will you just say something?"

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