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To struggle to teach kids that life is impermanent is a sign of immaturity. Why is it hard? Life comes to an end. Period. No reason to cry about it.

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Zolomuro 07.06.2018
That is actually pretty dangerous for you. It can cause you strokes or heart attacks. It can also cause blood clots. When your weight is too low, that is when you go for foods that will add some weight to you, but it is again, about portion control. When my daughter became thin as a rail, she is 5'8" and went below 100 pds? Holy crap, she was having all kinds of medical problems too. Heart skipping beats, severe headaches, even symptoms of deadly rhabdomyolisis, (which is also associated with taking cholesterol lowering statin drugs like lipitor), etc.
Nikokinos 09.06.2018
Have you read the book?
Shakarisar 11.06.2018
The only hypocrite here is the one who equates scientific teaching of which field trips which serve to back up the textbooks are often a part to religious indoctrination, who promotes the teaching of pseudoscience in science classes and changes the meaning of what I keyboarded by leaving off key words--yes, that's what you did, you lying POS.
Tet 18.06.2018
I'm 58, with nothing to hide.

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