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Yep, and proud to be one!.... (:

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News paper articles on teen smoking teen
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Childhood was weird. We grew up in the projects, initially (though I was apparently raised on a farm when I was 2-3, I don't remember it.) I had to defend my older brother and sister until I was around 11, and started getting into major fights for the sake of doing so at 6 with 13-18 year olds in gangs, with weapons. It's weird, I can't draw any parallels between the kids I have helped to raise and my own childhood. Like. None.
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Hundreds died following Jim Jones. Millions died following Mohammed.
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.... square on and close to the stumps....
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The second one yes.
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Brava sir or ma'am, brava
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How many writers and or historians do not attempt to write about ancient events because they have no eyewitness, photo records, or historical writers they consider credible? You don't cease to dismiss history just because you were not there.

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