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I am reluctant to even answer this, as there is so much wrong with the way you post about Christianity. Though, I understand where you are coming from....

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Lesbians Lesbians with thunder thighs
Lesbians Lesbians with thunder thighs
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Zuludal 24.08.2018
Q&A starts now!!!!!!!!
Fenrikinos 01.09.2018
Thank you for confirming that you are a liar and that you believe Obama lied when he said this act was intended, among other things, for the construction of a barrier at the southern border.
Kem 11.09.2018
No one is forced to go to Planned Parenthood. They provide services to people who come in and ask for them. They help the people who come to them for help.
Vudogami 11.09.2018
I do not know any Christians who do.
Taulmaran 21.09.2018
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Maugis 01.10.2018
I?m joking sweetheart I know you luhhh mee
Ararisar 03.10.2018
I dedicate this morning's memory tune to Michael Cohen & the entire Trump cabal.
Felar 07.10.2018
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