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Nope, not yet it seems. If a politician does this just to look good, then Trump would also do it. That's the point. John did it because he meant it. He never attacked people, even his opponents.

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Faull 30.08.2018
Right. Announce a speedy immigration procedure for all dreamers and dreamer -like illegal aliens. Those who would meet the qualifications would still be required to act and announce themselves / file.
Kazizil 02.09.2018
I cheated again and dont tell it again to others.
Melkis 08.09.2018
You might as well try to get rid of Jeff Sessions by blocking him.
Tuk 11.09.2018
Humans didn't come from chimps or apes.
Nejind 18.09.2018
The right obsession with Hillary never ends. Hillary derangement syndrome.
Bralkis 21.09.2018
And nothing wrong when he forks back off to BJR.??????????????
Gardagar 26.09.2018
As long as fools do not violate basic human rights, I defend their right to be fools.
Kazragore 04.10.2018
I remember before the 2008 collapse they said pretty much the same thing. Not saying there's an imminent crash but should really take these guys with a grain of salt.

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