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IMVHO a good Christian follows the recorded teachings of the reform rabbim Jesus was based on and ignores the Pauline/Roman additions. No fancy dressed priest in ornate churches telling them what the gospels mean, who to hate and who to vote for and asking for more money to buy newer cars and jets. Rather than an ancient torture and execution device to symbolize their faith they use

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Custom for dwarf men
Custom for dwarf men
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Zulunos 03.04.2018
Mankind (specifically Adam and Eve) rejected rule by God and basically bought into the serpents lie. By eating they chose to "be like God in knowing good and evil for themselves." Even today, many reject any suggestions that others make rules for them. Almost like children, it's as if some say "you aren't the boss of me" or "don't tell me what to do." If course it's a little smarter sounding when it's "I am the only one able to chose what's best for myself," but that's pretty much the same thing.
Vinris 09.04.2018
Dang then playa ??
Felar 15.04.2018
thanks, not a pleasant place to be...there are many of us, here and there...loss of children too...
Mule 22.04.2018
Patient? Its been 18 months and not ONE deal. You, however, seem to ready to wait forever. You are like the abused spouse who cant see the bruises on their body and keeps running back to the abuser.
Durg 23.04.2018
Craig Baird is reviewing the evidence........
Dirn 25.04.2018
I have been laughing since early in the morn of November 9th, 2016.
Voodoojinn 02.05.2018
They SHOULD go after Hillary..... particularly after what's come out recently about who ran her investigation.
Fegrel 06.05.2018
Which is why I confined my question to life on earth.
Zulkir 11.05.2018
I accept what is in the Bible. I also accept that there is additional history and writings that should be explored to gain a more complete understanding. My faith in man is limited - my faith in God is not.

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