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I'm glad you recognize it's a choice to be made. By the pregnant person, not someone she's never met. We have this thing called bodily autonomy. You should know - the Brits adopted it from the Romans centuries ago. We simply continued with good public policy. People's wishes for their remains are respected (legally) after they die; we cannot harvest their organs against their wishes no matter how many lives would be saved. Why should a woman have fewer rights than a corpse?

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Club swinging south uk
Club swinging south uk
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Taubei 10.04.2018
Oh it goes way before Obama's time, globalization and the attempt to take Americans down to third world status has been going on for decades.
Dailmaran 16.04.2018
LOL! You call what I said a rant?
Kazrara 22.04.2018
"I'm saying there is nothing we can do to stop it at this point..." ? why are you so eager to buy into every fossil fuel meme that the corporations put out there? If we reduce fossil fuel use by half in the next 50 yeas we will be able to shave at least 0.5? C of the temp rise in the next 100 years... in what bizzaro Universe is that not worth the effort?
Mazugore 03.05.2018
I haven't :p not sure what I want though :p

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