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Yes, the new testament says that, but what's true in the new testament only stands on old testament prophecy, otherwise it's a made up mess.

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Tmj facial pain clinic
Tmj facial pain clinic
Tmj facial pain clinic
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Mum 03.06.2018
Haven't I said that like a hundred times. That's not following the teaching of a specific denomination.
Tozshura 11.06.2018
No. Not true. The Gospel is crystal clear that it was a physical, bodily resurrection.
Jubei 19.06.2018
Paying people to stay quiet with your own money is not a crime.
Dagal 22.06.2018
you make me blush
Gutaur 25.06.2018
Tiges have been destructive this year... another level
Dishicage 27.06.2018
So your god is neither omnipotent nor omniscient.
Zololrajas 05.07.2018
The Holy grail

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