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The Big Bang Theory haired Elizabeth Plimpton
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Dairg 07.05.2018
Your soul will find no salvation from the public school system, and likely the opposite.
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He's a cute little doggy??
Faejar 14.05.2018
You know most biblical scholars are Christians, I hope. They are precisely those people interested. Even Ehrman was a Christian when he went into the field.
Tojajinn 23.05.2018
The laws of the Torah very clearly permit slavery, and the book of Exodus was the only one referenced in my question.
Branos 27.05.2018
Never knew how it did its own in house meats.
Vule 29.05.2018
Most "dates" are, regardless of where they originate.
Nijas 03.06.2018
It's hypocritical projection to an extreme.
Mikall 08.06.2018
There have been 50 labs and scientists who disagree with you so they must be even more excepted then right?

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