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If Paula Duncan thinks that the Mueller investigation is about not accepting that Trump won, she hasn't been paying attention. In the first place, the investigation didn't begin with Mueller. He took over when he was appointed after Comey was fired. Secondly, the investigation began long before Trump was elected and at a time when it looked like he didn't have much chance of being elected. So her whole theory that this is about not accepting that Trump won is not borne out by the facts. But, of course, Trump and his supporters don't care about facts. I wonder if Duncan thinks that any investigation, of any president, is just a matter of people not accepting that a president won. In her mind, were Nixon and Clinton investigated just because people couldn't accept that they won? It's scary that we have people who can't think any better than that on juries but at least she managed to make the right decisions about Manafort.

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Naomie black stockings Trinity Group
Naomie black stockings Trinity Group
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Dairamar 14.03.2018
Serves you right.
Nasho 15.03.2018
It?s a great one, my only problem is that I?d always end up staying up too late binge watching a bunch of episodes and then I?d have to roll into work the next day totally shot out.
Faehn 22.03.2018
Now you know the answer to that. The Farm should be investigated...their hiring practices. Where there is one...
Akinozshura 31.03.2018
Yep, just like Christianity is a cult of Yeshua (Jesus).
Fegor 03.04.2018
So true. The "Gehenna" of the bible is a place of
Dira 07.04.2018
Lol I'll be there in a sec
Tygojin 17.04.2018
"It sounds like you are describing faith. "

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