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what does that have to do with you righties being in the minority?

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Lower leg heart attack pain sign
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Ferg 24.03.2018
Appreciating something for itself.
Voodoojind 28.03.2018
Except everything you just said is completely ignorant and disgusting.
Toshakar 05.04.2018
Or someone else sneezed on it ?
Gardagul 06.04.2018
What's funny, is that even if he actually did say that (I wouldn't put it past him, I just didn't dig into it), he said it as a democrat. Trump was registered and voted as a democrat in the early 2000's. He didn't register as a republican until 2009, more than a decade after making that comment. He's been a democrat longer than he's been republican. So your meme is damaging, but probably not in the way you originally intended.
Bagrel 07.04.2018
yes and no. Sure, anyone can leave their job. But labor isn't perfectly mobile. There are significant costs associated with leaving one's job, especially if it requires a physical move to another location. Add to that the dearth of employers in a given space, and the costs of moving to a location that has a more competitive job increase.
Taushicage 14.04.2018
The alkeged sexual harasser guy?
Gardajind 19.04.2018
Cool deal! Think you'll enjoy it a lot. At least I hope so.

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