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Trump knows he can pardon anyone who admits guilt or is found guilty of a federal crime by a jury; so he probably thinks that "anyone" includes himself. Not. Even if he could pardon himself, he will not because he knows he would have to admit guilt before pardoning himself. That leaves only ONE scenario: Resign, admit guilt to the "crime" of farting too loudly in public, and then have President Pence pardon him for all other possible crimes. That is when several separate states' attorneys general bring on their scores of state crimes and send him to prison for Eternity.

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Women who love licking nylons
Women who love licking nylons
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Gardasida 12.03.2018
And what is next after Trump's impeachment?
Vira 13.03.2018
Your welcome. Go ahead and download it, I uploaded it for you.
Kajigis 15.03.2018
Verily I sayeth unto thee, that thou hast a good point!
Gozuru 19.03.2018
OMG I wasn't going to get involved but you're actually suggesting that Google gives biased........biased results towards...........TRUMP? BWAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA, holy crap I think I wet my pants........go now, fly away! Be free!!! (Jesus what a mooseknuckle)
Dataur 25.03.2018
Its good trump renew attack, that bow to be a responsible president
Dakazahn 01.04.2018
Tip of the cap to her ????????????
Yozshunris 06.04.2018
That one is true.
Fenrizuru 08.04.2018
Adaptation to aquatic environments.

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