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Not really because there's two alternatives. That's right, watch the GOP implode or watch them dump Trump.

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Masturbation causes testicular cancer
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Mijinn 10.04.2018
Yeah, once you're married, big stuff HAS to be the basis of your relationship. If it isn't, you get divorces real quickly. I got high-school friends with three baby-manas, I know the importance of that.
Negul 12.04.2018
Oh smiley, I stopped reading through their derp state comments and fake news OpEds long ago
Voodoolabar 17.04.2018
Morning Oroke :)
Yozshuran 20.04.2018
Nope, whole other thing. If you refuse to write it for anyone and any religion. Look, if this person had wanted the cake decorated with the trans symbol or a trans flag, the baker would have been in his rights to refuse. On the grounds he does not make those kinds of things for anyone.
Sam 25.04.2018
I want the poster of the OP to stew in shame. Also, what is Ducks den?
Fezuru 04.05.2018
I can see ankle biters on the way with him coming so early....
Dijas 14.05.2018
Every word. And I ain't even drunk so you are like kind of special. ????????
Kazijar 18.05.2018
His supporters will gladly abandon democracy before they abandon him.

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