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More lies. This wasn?t his only attempt and you know it.

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Gloryhole and Blogspot
Gloryhole and Blogspot
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Shazragore 24.03.2018
Thank you for your service sir, RIP.
Zular 03.04.2018
Ideally that would be the idea.
Voodoom 04.04.2018
You shouldn't be talking of the leftists like that. Hillary might disown you.
Vojinn 10.04.2018
EVERYONE is prone to error. I make typos all the time; however, if I make a miskate it isnt
Jukus 18.04.2018
"He's indicted lots of Russians and companies."
Makazahn 19.04.2018
My responses have mainly been quotations of scripture,
Neshakar 28.04.2018
Your comment means what? You quote that which you don't understand. Being born again is putting on the transfigured body in life alive. You are not born again. No mortal is born again. Enoch and Elijah were born again.
Kale 03.05.2018
I agree - that is getting to my point.

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