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The Moving Van is Out Front

In addition to the severe changes that have affected my life lately, I have another announcement: I am moving.  This has happened rather suddenly, so in one week exactly, I will be at a new address.  If in the past … Continue reading

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RIP Jose Fernandez

This morning, sitting here with my kids crawling all over me, I learned that one of the game’s best young pitchers had died in boating accident.  Jose Fernandez’s talent was only surpassed by the incredible circumstances of his journey to … Continue reading

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Intentional Walk, From Bob

More than a few weeks ago, Matt from over at Bob Walk the Plank held a contest, and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners. Between the time when the contest ended and the cards arrived, Matt … Continue reading

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Red Sox, Catchers, and the Bad Boys of Detroit

Just when things were starting to back into some kind of rhythm, people have to go and start sending trade packages.  This most recent package, courtesy of Kerry from over at Cards on Cards, was full of all kinds of … Continue reading

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Card Show Spoils

I haven’t the time to pontificate about how much I enjoyed the card show.  I had very few goals, and those that I did have were exceeded.  So much so, that I can’t say one bad thing about that day. … Continue reading

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The Benevolent Seven

Though it has happened time and time again, the generosity of the people in this hobby is truly amazing, and not just when sending cards.  I cannot remember how often someone has coMmented on a post or sent an email … Continue reading

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Ending Things Right

As today is the last day of the year, a year that was full of ups and downs, I figured that I would end it right, by blogging for the first time in four months.  But this time no cards, … Continue reading

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