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Royals vs. Giants: Face(mask) off

The day has finally arrived; the World Series starts tonight, which means that I need to make my final pick.  First, though, let’s review my picks so far: A’s vs. Royals: I picked the A’s Pirates vs. Giants: I picked … Continue reading

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Derek Jeter: My Favorite Villain

We all need heroes.  For some, our heroes can be our father, brother, uncle, or cousin.  Others, see firemen and policemen, soldiers, and astronauts as heroes.  In our earliest memories, a lot of us had heroes on T.V. or the … Continue reading

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Derek Jeter’s last game against the Rangers

I don’t like Derek Jeter. I live in Texas Rangers country and I am a fan of the Red Sox. So I have two reasons to dislike Derek Jeter. However, I have to tip my cap to the Captain. My … Continue reading

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