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which means it is a disorder which anyone could possibly have? right? even atheists, I guess.

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Nudist in Pennsylvania
Nudist in Pennsylvania
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Shaktihn 03.05.2018
Lovely camel their birdy,are they both yours???????
Arale 07.05.2018
I called you out and you ran from the challenge.
Araramar 12.05.2018
plenty of hope mate... after I take the lead in the championship this weekend... :-))
Makus 22.05.2018
Then don't get paid, and watch your business crumble.
Zulkinos 31.05.2018
Ergodic equilibrium is not a new term. I have read dozens of papers discussing it. If you know what it is about, please kindly explain it to the general public. If you don't, don't be shy to admit this sad fact. I can help you. It is never too late to learn.
Gardakree 09.06.2018
A sort of positive spin on this could be that the church haven?t changed at all, we have.
Salmaran 13.06.2018
Hell is a fictional place, like eden or Denver that exists only to freighter the faithful to stay in their faith. It is an evil concept created by evil people. If people believe that it is a just place for non believers then they are evil people.
Arashigul 21.06.2018
Usually, recycling the old sells better. So I think even they made lots of stuff up, they had to keep preserving some truth from the past to seem legit.
Vosar 01.07.2018
The larger the population, the larger the 'few' becomes, the more technicalities there are, the more claims there are, the more difficult it becomes.

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