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You?re not allowed to write this post if you?re not a scientist that specializes in those fields. All the people who aren?t scientists in any of those fields are unqualified to either agree or disagree with them. If they do agree or disagree, they?re not allowed to discuss it, because they?re ignorant.

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Male medical tights
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"Their right to be treated equally to anyone else."
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No I am serious. Cohen and Monafort are indicted and as for Monafort, charged and convicted for tax crimes. Trump has nothing on him at all.
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I don't think you want to test that and risk a permanent ban, Cayden.
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"No man has greater confidence than I have in the spirit of the people, to a rational extent. Whatever they can, they will."--Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe,
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All that is missing is a single piece of evidence that Trump obstructed anything. Al Green already read the articles of impeachment in the House based on the accusations of obstruction. The end result was:

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