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Michael Jackson cartoon strip
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April K: "I picked LOTR specifically because how the singing of the 'angels' ..."
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?Up every mornin just to keep a job
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They are all very fine people.
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Well, you are entitled to your beliefs ofcourse. One of my personal ones is that it makes more sense to coexist with darkness instead of chasing it away. Just because darkness exists doesnt mean we have to drive it away. We can know that darkness is being and try to find resolution with it.....a real-life challenge instead of an idealistic heaven where suffering does not exist. A world without darkness sounds great....for a while....until you realize you have no choice but a loneness when you dont want to be under scrutiny. Me-time sounds great to some, not so great to others.....especially when choice no longer remains. Life is always about choices and options....

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