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It's the media's fault Donald surrounded himself with money launderers, tax cheats and general purpose liars. Only the best. LOL

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Mikagore 11.03.2018
Why couldn't the universe have come about naturally?
JoJojind 15.03.2018
Tattoos are just another form of expression, like clothes or a haircut. And, just like certain clothes or haircuts, tattoos look better on some than on others. That being said, the visual of ink on skin doesn't repulse me.
Jubar 18.03.2018
i'll take [email protected] bum covers for a million alex.
Zulum 22.03.2018
Even when it is true, just saying it is true, doesn't make it so.
Fetaxe 27.03.2018
have to do this
Gam 02.04.2018
There are these things called libel lawsuits.
Marg 07.04.2018
haha Thanks love I love your answer to
Kigazahn 10.04.2018
The FBI has had those capabilities since at least the 1930s.
Kigis 15.04.2018
Trump has always read his speeches in a monotone. The only thing he does to appear like he's speaking from the heart is emphasized a word or two. While campaigning he speaks from the heart as he denigrates everyone.

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