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It is, but at least we now have a president far more willing to look out for the best interests of our country than any president since before the invention of the automobile.

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Asian Journal of Natural Product
Asian Journal of Natural Product
Asian Journal of Natural Product
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Tygogar 08.05.2018
Reminds me of a commercial with a new slogan, Nationwide is not on your siiiiiiiiiide.
Tor 17.05.2018
The first step in freedom is acknowledging that freedom is something you have, not something that the government gives to you.
Zululabar 21.05.2018
I like that one because it is red
Tonos 25.05.2018
"likely", just as there's evidence that a creator is unlikely.
Tojas 03.06.2018
God needs closet space.
Zucage 06.06.2018
Not in this case. He does not make custom cakes for gender transitions for anyone. No discrimination.
Banris 08.06.2018
No not yet
Balkree 18.06.2018
Actually you said ?won of the smallest?
Mokus 26.06.2018
Do you also agree that religious people should not cite their religion when opposing certain types of marriages?

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