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1st of all at least 400 years before Christ Hebrew was not the spoken language of Jews they spoke Greek, Hebrew was a religious language similar to the fact that Catholics use Latin in their religious practice.

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Grolkis 08.05.2018
Again ABC News has not been able to confirm it. I will take their word over yours just the way it is.
Nikom 15.05.2018
Interesting how Obama used executive privilege to halt the investigation.
Tagal 26.05.2018
well that is one way to look at it , another way though is to consider that God has already given you the evidence that He does exist and you merely ignored it , you think ?
Tojahn 03.06.2018
Why are you always right!?
Mami 11.06.2018
No - it is not. They vehemently oppose gay marriage, divorce, a woman's right to choose, adultery, false witness (lying) and constantly pass moral judgement on people of different faiths or no faith.
Nashura 16.06.2018
I was?? ;)
Daizahn 17.06.2018
I have clearly stated many times that there are two types of writing in the Bible. There is history and there is vision. An actual letter written by Paul to the church of Ephesus is literal. The book of Revelations is a vision. One is literal the other is abstract.
Voodoom 26.06.2018
Ha! Like my wife!
Sharg 02.07.2018
The case wasn't treated impartially by the Colorado State Commission at the lower level, so basically, the case was thrown out, to use a common phrase. He can still be sued again if he tries to discriminate by breaking State or Federal law.

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