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Where there is universal tax funded health care the insurance question doesn't arise. Legislation has to be tight enough to prevent abuse.

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I heard using bee ?? pictures is the hot ticket item right now
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I am not familiar w/the Jansenism school, but unless you
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The treason charge was standard as Obama used the "espionage act" when he went after journalists.
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You have a very generous opinion of literature if you think the bible counts as the most poorly written text ever.
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Haha well for your sake I hope that the apocalypse never happens
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And yet it is the Democrats and their allies that move for the de-platforming of those they do not agree with. Nice try. No one is buying it.
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Haha, I know. I was referring to that comment in the article. Did you read it?
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Watching a couple? ??
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They pointed her at immediate medical services, which is great and props to them for that.

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