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Just because most of those irrational beliefs are benign doesn't mean that it doesn't increase the chances of it leading to harmful ones.

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Shajind 30.07.2018
Being this is not a widely held Christian thing, perhaps you should ask you friend. As it is it seems you are ascribing to Christianity your friend's hang ups.
Gardat 08.08.2018
You bring nothing to the table as usual Primewonk. Present your evidence.
Kajit 09.08.2018
Pence as president? I just shuttered.
Fenrira 12.08.2018
What policies? Republicans control Congress, teh Presidency and most statehouses.
Mazurisar 22.08.2018 did I miss this post? ???????????? Yay...I?m more than happy to oblige ??????
Digis 31.08.2018
Faith is the muscle; Prayer is the exercise.
Kagaktilar 09.09.2018
I happen be an artist but just for fun how about you tell me what art "means". I look forward to your answer.
Mazurisar 16.09.2018
I am more than capable of that, it was not me that inserted myself in this conversation with you, that would be you.

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