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Thats a bit grubby I would be fishing for something a bit more refined :-))

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Gasida 12.03.2018
I dont consider carcinogens to be a valid excuse to not be concerned about our southern border.
Malasar 13.03.2018
1500 Cortina with close ratio 4 speed on 5,60/13's went well in a straight line, lol
Gull 23.03.2018
some cities, some women..... mmmmmm... cherries.......
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Hopefully she'll come back one day, she was pretty cool.
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Can we gamble legally on this blog? That would certainly spice it up.
Dikinos 02.04.2018
why did the witness kill himself?
Garr 05.04.2018
See, I respect the position. I don't have to respect the man.

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